Paul McCartney receives another prize

Paul McCartney receives another prize

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Thank you very much. Thank you. Mr. President, first lady, Sir Paul McCartney, other people.  Let me say just how _________ I am to be part of this ________ event in this __________ setting, here in the East Room of the White House as Sir Paul McCartney receives the Gershwin Prize for _________ achievement in __________, or as I think we could have called it in this particular case: _______

I also have to say, if I may be completely honest, that I'm not that big on _______, the problem being that the word prize is used to cover just too ______ a range of things: you knock over three milk bottles with a baseball, you get a prize, the water gun in the clown's mouth you get a prize, ______ has a prize - I think there's one of them around here, somewhere. Cracker Jacks has a prize, Publishers Clearing House has _____ and prizes, so it's a little all over the place. Not to mention the fact that he's already a ____. A_____, and not an “I'm sorry, Sir, there's no more _____  ______ available, would you be interested in the ________” kind of Sir, he's a real Sir. When Paul McCartney steps up to the enterprise ________ and they go: “Yes, Sir, can I help you?” they mean it. And when he returns that car and the attendant says “Excuse me sir, you left your Gershwin Prize on the ____ seat”, that's when you know you've really made it. You got the Sir, you got the cash, you got the prizes. 

Sir Paul, you have written some of the most beautiful music ever _____ by humans in this world, it's my favorite music that I've ever heard in my life, I love you for it and yet some of the lyrics and some of the songs as they go by, can make one ______, even ______ sometimes about what exactly is happening in this song. Songs such as “I saw her standing there” and I quote: “She was just 17, you know what I mean.” I'm not sure I do know what you mean, Sir Paul. I think I know what you mean. “Getting better” from Sergeant Pepper again quoting: “I used to be ______ to my woman, I _____ her and kept her _____ from the things that she loved.” Nice. Same woman by any chance?  I'm ______ of course and I can because Paul and I have gotten to know each other a little bit over the years, that's how I got this ____ but what makes him the unparalleled artist that he is, is that the world has also gotten to know him. Through his unforgettable music, we followed your life story. In the beginning, a young man who said “I wanna hold your hand”, “All my loving”,  “I feel fine”, “Please, please me”, a little __________, what the hell. You´re in show business, a good-looking guy, thin, _____ ___. Then, marriage and family and it changed a little. Now it was about “The long and _______ road”. Oh my God, Penny Lane, just glad to be out of the house getting a haircut, “Fixing a _____ where the _____ gets in”, these are _______ lyrics, ladies and gentlemen. “And it really doesn't matter if I'm ______, I'm _______,” this is an ___________. More husband songs followed, like “Get back”, “Help” and of course would you just “Let it be”? But that's what marriage is, and it's a beautiful thing, marriage, it's two people that's it, _________ to stay together without saying the words “I hate you”. That is your _________, you never say those three words. You say other things, things like “Why is there never any scotch tape in this house? (I´m) trying to tape something up down here.” “Scotch” is I, “tape” is “hate”, “house” is “you”. But it's an __________. It's better to say “You know, no normal human being leaves a bathroom floor that wet” than “you´re stubbing out my soul like a cigarette butt”. You don't say “I could kill you right now”, you say “You're so ________ sometimes” and you feel better. And Sir Paul, you have made us all feel better for so many years, with your incredible talent. Thank you, we love you, congratulations.


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